Shout out to good friends🎁

At the point where I left off I was in a bad way emotionally, physically and financially. Although I was still sober I could feel myself slipping away from my beliefs. All my credit cards and loans were in default (except my car) bills were falling behind and although I had medicaid it did not pay for certain meds or services or it only paid part of what I needed so I started a go fund me acct. Thanks to good friends near and far some I had not seen or talked to in years,  some were old friends of my husband whom I never met that lived in another state and 2 family members I was able to stay afloat. Credit cards and loans were not a priority so they have gone to collections and that’s ok. I was able to use the funds raised for essentials and services that weren’t covered by ins like counseling and for medications , gas to get back and forth to my multiple appointments and other necessities. My intention was that once I got back to work I would pay all the $$$ raised forward to another in need. When I went back to work I cancelled my go fund me account and started to slowly, $5 here $10 there, pay it forward even though my financial situation was not good I had to keep my promise and 5-10 $ is not going to break the already broken right?…i thank those who helped, which i keep anonymous, from the bottom of my ❤ they have no idea how even a $ 5 donation helped and was greatly appreciated I keep you all in my heart and prayers daily. Sadly now my journey continues with further damage from the venom……and puts me back into a financial crisis.


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