So you think im stupid?🐍

Aghhhh the beauty of pain… No sleep or so much medication all I do is sleep in this case meds are not helping so here I am 317 am blogging. Who knows if anyone will even see this or care to but I will continue to tell you about my journey because you never know who you will help. So I left off …..being released from the hospital after 13 days with a partial amputation and a picc line for antibiotics due to my IGG immune deficiency. Oh let’s go back….before the bite I had been ill for quite some time at loss, nausea, body aches, headaches, anemia, peripheral neuropathy, extreme fatigue and constant infections, lesion on my brain. I was given many “possible” disgnosises -MS, lupus, depression, I could go on and on. But what they found was a primary immune disease called IGG deficiency. IGG is an immunoglobulin ¬†that is a major ¬†source of our immune ¬†system and my body does not make enough of that globulin so I get infections easier than a normal person and it effects my bodies ability to heal. This was diagnosed (literally) ¬†just days before the bite. Sorry to jump but this is an important part of what’s going on so I had to let you know. OK BACK ON TRACK…after being released I saw my surgeon several times telling him the pain was terrible and the foot and leg were turning purple he dismissed me every time saying it was anxiety and this is the healing process. Now LOOK, ¬†I’m in the medical field I’ve been a medical assistant 15 years and held jobs reserved for LPN an RN’s in office positions …I’m not stupid. Something was wrong! SO I FIRED HIM. Yup thats right I fired my dr. It is my right and if I don’t feel you’re doing your job then you’re fired period. The thing is that at this point I can’t work and I’m on medicaid so some drs put you in the “Medicaid pts are lazy idiots category” which I know for fact to be untrue. I worked since the age of 14 and I paid into the government and it is my right to use it if necessary and that goes for anyone….medicaid is for families in financial crisis. Ok rant over….so moving forward (sorry I go on these little rants from time to time lol) so I found another dr and sure enough my MRI ¬†was ABNORMAL and now after one month of fighting with my dr I was readmitted to the hospital for another 8 days due to infection and because the after effects of the venom was eating my tendon and bone. So the dr said I needed amputation of the entire large toe. When he got in there to do the surgery he found my bone in my toe was completely hollowed out and my tendon was starting to “fray” from the venom. He had to take the toe and peel the tendon down until he got to healthy tissue. So thank GOD for him he has been my dr ever since and he is the best. He told me recovery would be at least 1 year but surprisingly to both of us after 3 mos the foot looked great swelling was gone I saw victory!!! I still felt some pain but nothing like it was. I even got out and got a job all looked to be going well but GOD had bigger plans for me. This snakes venom was ¬†not done with me yet!!! Here are some pics of the infected foot that dr #1 said was ok. And pics of the foot after 2nd amputation.


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