What is this season for🙏


I start  with a capture of what the foot looks like being on it to get out of bed and brush my teeth. It starts with with the same color pigment as the other foot but after only ten minutes the swelling and circulation start to change I show this as this is the seriousness that entails my recovery… 10 minutes is the change that makes this a condition needing immediate attention. Imagine 30 minutes on this foot by then it is purple and looks like a sausage foot 😱 It has come to the worst case scenario, my surgeon had to withdraw as the primary on my case as the infection and damage is moving up beyond his scope of expertise. He spoke with a vascular surgeon who said this case was far too complicated for a regular vascular surgeon that I was to move on to the university of Miami hospital. Due to our great health care system🇺🇸 a rush referral with take at least a month and at least another week before I can get an emergency appointment and I do not have that kind of time. So I talked to my dr and this is where the FIGHT begins……I am off the foot completely now I’m as if I’m in the hospital🚑 but yet I’m at home on the couch blessed by my family watching nonstop Christmas movies. I was told to call my ins co for #’s of near by vascular surgeons but every # they gave me was wrong or the dr was retired ….. ahhhhhh the joy of ins companies!_😜 here we go I push forward I WILL not give up I will stay sober and I will prevail with gods help of course. I am searching drs and reviews via the internet and by recommendations from previous drs I worked for or with….another blessing…I am writing each name, # and address down and will be calling each one individually on Monday explaining my case(which is a job in and of itself), checking into ins, and getting referrals from my dr . once this is done and I will have found the best Dr available for my Case. Since this is a blog and I can vent about whatever I choose …so here comes a small eye opening rant please start by reading  Isaiah 41 vs 9-10. And let’s talk about living on this earth with earthly things rather than the treasures you can take to heaven. I thank GOD for several friends who are repeat donators via mail and also repeat donors via my donation site which is not doing well. I say please stop you have done enough their responses …Im only doing what GOD is revealing me to do. I also received donations from strangers who say that the. “Little contribution” is something that god is pushing for and it won’t hurt them financially to donate such a minimal amoun!! MINIMAL!!┬í!!!!  Interesting word they are using because to my family it was anything but minimal.everyone NEEDS their  I phones ,big screen TVs,lots of Christmas gifts, that star bucks coffee, those dunkin donuts, that awesome gadget we will use for 3 weeks and forget about, those extra channels HBO, showtime,encore. But what if we eliminated one of those things for the good of another…1week of no Starbucks =25$ to someone in need if 4 people did that this is  100 $ that can go to anyone not just speaking of  myself I’m speaking in general, I’m sure that 20$ for one month of no HBO will hurt no one to be without nfor a whole 30 days. I’m not well off at all but that $5-10 that I was able to give
to others hurt no one  my family survived this loss of $5-20. This  may give someone
just enough gas to get to their next appointment. This is the season of Christ (goodwill toward man) so think about what that really means….it not the season of the non necessity of want. Please help me spread this message! My fight is not over but
I’ve not been knocked out yet. I will continue to stand strong.

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