Failing state of healthcare


Hello friends! Here I am again at 316 am finding myself unable to sleep due to swelling and pain along with the burning in my foot and burning thrush in my mouth. What a great holiday huh? O have to start this post with a rant on healthcare and then I will move on. I was admitted to the hospital again for 2 days due to the swelling and infection in my foot. Drs are now to the point that they don’t know whether it is necrotic tissue left in after last surgery or recurring infections causing the bone degeneration …due to the holiday the Dr was not very willing to find out either. While in the hospital I was put on 2 antibiotics and had an allergic reaction to 1. It was quite the stay and health care is NOT what is used to be . As a medical assistant I’ve always put my patients as my #1 priority and here in FL this is not always the case. While in the hospital the care was terrible… It took 1 and a half hours before I was even given the benadryl to stop the reaction then at 130 pm  my blood pressure dropped to 80 over 52 and they could not get it back into the 90’s over 60’s for several hours it was about 10 pm before it went up the drs said i could be discharged after my blood pressure stabilized to at least 100 over 60’s  this happened at 1 am by 128 they woke me up to discharge me!!!!! Yes at 128 am!!! I’ve never had that happen in my life. The Dr on service could not find my recent MRI yet I had it from the hospital website on my phone so he told me id to have it repeated ….he did it without contrast so they saw nothing and he said it didn’t need contrast….well they cant see the highlighting of the bone without it HELLLLLOOO is there anyone home up there???They also discharged me without an orthopedic consult….when I  have a bone infection and an IGG immune deficiency. This made me lose a bit of hope in the hospital  i had most trusted. The day nurse was so frustrated with the Dr she voiced to me that she doesn’t know why he’s not answering his pages and the night nurse that had to discharge me was literally in tears apologizing to me stating she had never seen this kind of “uncaring” in her career and that she was new to FL and new to this hospital she apologized incessantly.. I reassured her it was not her fault it was the drs lack of care. Unfortunately my podiatry surgeon is out of the country and my primary Dr is out of the office until January 4th…so i trudge ahead. I know the road is long and I must focus on the day ahead and not project the future or project my feelings onto others. I’m in fear of everything though my GOD tells me to fear nothing or be anxious of anything as he will provide. I’m keeping the faith  to the best of my ability. I’m reading my you verse bible plan on a daily basis and I’m following my steps and principles of AA and I’m NOT drinking so I think I’m doing pretty well. Bills are piling up and though I know GOD will provide sometimes turning it over is so hard. I get so ahead of myself and caught of in worry I forget the big gifts GOD has given me. I have healthy children, I have my life, i have a husband who loves me even though he’s being run ragged, I have a roof over my head and food on my table. But in times like these it is so important to stop and be thankful for the little things too, the hugs from my babies, the warm sun on my skin, the rainbows after the rain, I think you get my point. Though this is not a donation site we are in such desperate need I am going to make a plea to anyone that can help to see the link below or see my donation link listed on this site…it is through a fundraising site called crowdrise. Every penny helps and the site is a safe site. If there is anyone out there that can open their heart and make a donation it would greatly help us to cover some of my medications that are not covered on my insurance along with helping to cover some of our utility bills and gas for my multiple upcoming appointments. GOD BLESS and thank you in advance. If you are unable to donate please pray and share my donation site anywhere possible. Until the next time my friends have a great night❤ DONATION SITE:

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One thought on “Failing state of healthcare

  1. I didn’t “like” the post because there’s nothing to like about poor health care! Frankly, it makes me very glad I live in Japan. I have n0 idea why the US government hasn’t investigated the Japanese healthcare / health insurance system, because in 34 years as an adult dealing with my own and my family’s health and finances, I’ve never had a problem with it. Anyway, I do pray for doctors and other medical staff who will cooperate with God’s healing for you, rather than being instruments of torment! I also pray that your husband and children may be the emotional support that you need in this time.

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