Our father 

“All those our father gives to me will come to me,and whoever comes to me I will never drive away”

GOD,as my higher power, gives me everything I need. It may not be all I want but it will be all I need. In sobriety I’ve learned I cannot hold back my love for others  or I am not being honest with myself if I have love for others that I’m holding back out of fear from rejection. As an alcoholic I live in constant fear and worry but that gets me no where but to move backwards in my program. I must live In love, kindness and forgiveness. If GOD can forgive me for all my sins how can I not do the same. I’ve been hurt by people I love and I have hurt people I love but most have welcomed my honesty and my admission of my wrongs with open arms and I am rebuilding relationships I thought were lost. The answer to get what I need from God is prayer and humility, you see I must humble myself  before him and ask for his direction in my thinking because my thoughts are almost never correct.

This also helps me as an amputee. I cannot live in anger or self pity for what happened to me but I also have to humble myself enough to receive help. I thought by requesting help was being selfish and that it was me living in self pity,  

 but that I have learned is not the case. At this point of the amp healing I need help and I must let others help me. I MUST give my anger and fear to GOD and talk to my sponsor about my REAL and TRUE feelings or this amp can lead to a relapse  physically, mentally and in recovery. I am a strong hard headed woman but that all has to be tossed out the window in order for healing to begin in all aspects in my life! 

God I pray today you keep me sober and direct my thinking. I pray you take away my fear and anxiety. I pray that you direct me to treat people as I would like to be treated. My GOD please help me to be of service to another and if someone is having a bad day please help me to help them to make it better with a smile or a thank you for your help. GOD direct my every move today and remind me to check my motives in all I do. AMEN🙏🏻


4 thoughts on “Our father 

  1. My wife’s recent brain surgery has been reminding us of some of the same things He’s teaching you. God is never mean, but He’s always more interested in our growth than in our comfort. Blessings on you!

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